Copying poll for ETH DC

The ETH debt ceiling utilization is 94.1% and it might be 100% in a few days, so it is time to choose a new DC. As far as I know, the policy that most people agreed on is from September 2019 from @Cyrus:

“In short, moving the debt ceiling up in 10 million increments leaving a buffer of 10-20 million is the safe approach IMO.”

I think this policy should be either confirmed or modified to reflect the current supply, circumstances (MCD) and to be consistent with the recent decisions of increasing the DC.

Regardless of the policy, I want to hear your opinion on what the next ETH debt ceiling should be:

    • 150 MM
    • 175 MM
    • 200 MM
    • 250 MM
    • More than 250 MM
    • Abstain (I disagree with options)
    • Abstain (I think @cyrus or the risk team should decide)
    • Abstain (I don’t understand the risks)
    • Abstain (I think MKR hodlers should decide)
    • Abstain (I’m just for results and Memes bro)

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Oh lots of options overflow within the box rather than fully laid out. Is that going to be a problem? Featuring the first options? Will people scroll in the box for all the options before selecting?

Ooo and a Pie result. Interesting choice @twbtest

yeah I’m wondering why it clips the poll preview too

That should be scrolling for you, right? There a ton of options in these polls.

It prioritizes the condensed poll size over showing all the options, for both selection and results. We can work with it. Is the optimal option is to expand to the full length to contain all options?

Oh duh. yeah. just had to hover.

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