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Links reflect my view of the most noteworthy activity in the governance, risk and oracles categories right now. Disagree? Think something should be added? Leave a reply or a pm. Updated 14/02/20

Three Point Summary
‘What do I need to know as an MKR Holder this week?’

  • MCD Migration is still in progress. We have ~22 million Sai and ~120.5 million Dai.
  • Dai is on-peg, and Sai is about 0.5% above peg.
  • Liquidity and Volume for Sai are reaching very low levels.

Active Discussions
‘What’s going on? You think what?! You’re 100% wrong, and here’s why…’

Who is voting 15k MKR to increase the DSR spread to 2% - * New * In which @Joshua_Pritikin wonders why anyone would vote for a 2% DSR spread. Discussions ensue.

Continuous Polling - * New * A newcomer to the forum @andytudhope summarises and presents the idea of Continuous polling, originally pioneered by @Adam_Skrodzki

Suggested Improvements for State of the Peg graphs - * New * In which I attempt to get some feedback for the ‘Most Wanted Improvements’ for the State of the Peg section of the Governance & Risk call.

Seeking Consensus
‘Yo, do you even signal?’

Signal Request: What should the next ETH debt ceiling be? - * New * In which @bit asks how much we should increase the MCD Debt Ceiling, or whether we should leave this parameter in the hands of the Interim Risk Team.

Signal Request: Should we reduce the minimum bid increase required for Surplus Auctions (FLAPs)? - * New * @Aaron_Bartsch asks if we should consider reducing the minimum bid for MKR surplus auctions. Hasn’t reached a consensus answer yet, please consider compromise options!

Should we have another executive vote regarding the Governance Security Module? - * Continuing * In which I ask for more information about the risks and benefits about activating the governance security module, and ask other people’s opinions on the matter.

Signal Request: Reduce the frequency of the DSR Spread governance poll - * Continuing * @hexonaut starts a signal thread regarding the voting cadence of the DSR spread vote. Most people seem to be in favour of some increase so far.

Signal Request: How do we handle executive bundling in relation to technical changes? - * Passed On-chain Vote * I combine the previous signal requests about bundling into a single request that asks for how specifically we should deal with bundled executives.

Ongoing Initiatives
‘Oh my god, this is taking ages, why can’t things be simple?’

The Official Welcome Thread - A welcome and introductions thread. Not strictly speaking governance, but if anyone new or old wants to introduce themselves, now is your chance!

Forum Navigation Index - An index that aims to make navigation and browsing easier around the forum.

Suggested Signaling Process - In which I outline the current signalling process as I see it. Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts here.

Systemic Risk Directory - Collating the various systemic risks identified by members of the community. Is everything going to explode in the future? Click here to find out!

Help Wanted
‘Oh %#$?, we need a doodad, and we need it now.’

Wanted: Weekly Governance Recap for MKR Holders - Looking for a journalistic roundup of the goings on in MakerDAO each week. Funding Available!

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