New Opt-in Maker Forum Theme. Available now

There’s now a Maker Forum Theme available to users! It has a skin largely applying the Maker Community Visual Style Guide.

It also comes in Dark!

Opting into this theme is available in your settings!

  1. Head over to your account preferences in the menu dropdown
  2. In the left menu select Interface and you should end up here:{your-user-name}/preferences/interface
  3. Choose Maker Community Forum and your prefered theme: Dark or Light.

The repo is open source here:

Feel free to report issues there or the Site Feedback category here.

Starting off from a forum request and then cross posted to this community development github issue Scott spruced up our forum as requested. We welcome any discusison on the preferred set of plugins we could implement or future design tweaks. We’re working on a CDIP for that here(link tbd).