Post all your user feedback in this thread

This will be our resource for posting feedback as we work through it. Uncovering which parts of the forum are specific to discourse and which parts are specific to learning how to use it.

User onboarding (messaging, specific posts we should highlight, pinned messages, topics to experiment with)
Weird UX quirks (Dark mode versus light, strange views.)
Maker Foundation specific needs

1 can the poll builder size better?

2. are we able to alter the welcome text to not highlight colors. Or is it a pinned message thing?

3. can we alter this text?
links are green?
4. links show up green too.

5. Mod options also are green. Maybe dark purple would be better?

6. creating a new category is weird but it would be cool .

7. clicking on the security tab also shrinks the ‘everyone’ logo

8. we should evaluate the color scheme of this alert email too if possible. a gradient from green to blue would be slick.

  1. Admin setting. They do this lighter version of teal. We’ll tinker on colors/blue
  2. Already custom in the admin text
  3. The links are green intentionally. But we can change them in there.
  4. Mod settings we haven’t touched. If mods prefer to change options we’ll take their feedback,
  5. probably editable in admin
  6. will double check
  7. Will look but not sure if we can do that. Blue looks pretty good. Maybe just Maker logo at the top.